Zuma’s Revenge!

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PopCan Games has brought this casual puzzle game, Zuma’s Revenge to PC and mobile gaming consoles. Casual gaming has become increasingly important in the era of 15 minute breaks and mobile phone addictions, and fans are always looking for the next big addiction.

The main goal of Zuma is to work through a series of puzzles. The puzzles all revolve around attempting to shoot a ball of a certain color (say yellow) at other balls of the same color. This will clear the matched balls and make room for another shot. Players have a predetermined lineup of balls to shoot, and the playfield is continuously shrinking. This adds a real layer of strategy to gameplay in forcing players to decide which series to try to match and when. There are powerups that can make the process easier, but these are random and not necessarily predictable.

Zuma’s Revenge features two game modes: adventure and challenge. Adventure mode is a set of levels that increase in difficulty incrementally, every few levels a checkpoint is provided so players don’t have to constantly repeat the same ones as they try to work their way through the entire adventure mode. Challenge mode by contrast is a three minute free for all where players merely have to shoot as much as they can to attempt to stock up on points.

The graphics are simple, the sound effects get the blood pumping, and the game is really addictive and challenging. Zuma’s Revenge! has been received warmly by fans who appreciate the simple yet addictive gameplay. A great casual game for PC or mobile device!

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