ZebNet PC Backup 2012 Professional 1.2.12 – Try the demo – Windows – English

zebNet PC Backup 2012 Professional
Version: 1.2.12
Licence: Trial version
Author: zebNet Ltd
Size: 5,7 MB

ZebNet PC Backup 2012 Professional is a great tool for backing up, recovering, and synchronizing your files and folders in an easy and professional way. The program is incredibly easy to use, as it guides you through the whole backup process. This makes it a great tool for people who are new to these kinds of programs. But even in you are more experienced, you will be pleased with the additional advanced features that zebNet PC Backup 2012 Professional gives you to fully customize your backup experience to your needs.

Other than just backing up your necessary files, zebNet PC Backup 2012 Professional also lets you choose from an assortment of backup types, including a full one, incremental, differential, or even a mirror backup. There are also a number of extra features for plug-ins related to external hard drives. With its Continuous Data Protection and native 64-bit synchronization components that are available, you will never have to worry about not being able to access your needed information.

But even while doing all of these things, zebNet PC Backup 2012 Professional is incredibly light on your computer’s resources, so it will not ever conflict with other services or backup functions that you may also use. So if you are looking for a good program for backing up and synching your files, you should definitely take a look at zebNet PC Backup 2012 Professional.

Some of the main features of zebNet PC Backup 2012 Professional include:

  • Fast and reliable recovery with multiple advanced options
  • Synchronization of local and remote folders
  • You can create full, incremental, differential, and mirror backups
  • Plug in and run backup features for external hard drives
  • The program can easily be extended and expanded through multiple add-on options
  • Continuous Data Protection (CDP)
  • Native 64-bit backup and synchronization components available
  • An intuitive user interface with advanced management options
  • Light on system resources
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