YuuGuu – IM Client – Windows – Free Download


An IM client to share and control remote desktops

YuuGuu connects people from around the world at the click of a button through live desktop sharing during chat.

It acts as both an IM client, and a desktop sharing tool, but has extra features that must be noted to fully grasp its unique nature. YuuGuu actually offers not only the opportunity to view the other person’s desktop, but to be connected with its controls (ie making it so the person on the other end of the chat window can remotely control the computer). This functionality connects the user with his/her chat parties on a level that’s impressive – and unique.

This functionality has a host of potential applications, from having a friend share a gaming secret to helping technically challenged parents navigate a difficult solution to their latest computer problem.

In terms of ease of access, YuuGuu does not disappoint here either. From beginners to technical pros, YuuGuu makes remote desktop sharing and controlling a dream, something that’s extremely unique.

The only thing YuuGuu does fail to provide is speed and quality IM. The speed of the connection can be extremely hindering in the attempts at remote controlling, so though the program does work it does so extremely slowly (and the users should be aware of that going in). Secondly, it also provides an extremely basic version of an IM, which isn’t the worst, but again should be noted.

With the exception of these few flaws, YuuGuu is an excellent program for remote desktop sharing and controlling.


  • Easy to use
  • No new hardware and so on needed
  • Unique functionality – remote desktop control


  • Limited IM client functions
  • Slow
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