yourMail 13.1.27- 100% Free for Windows

Version: 13.1.27
Licence: Free
Author: yourTime Solutions
Size: 28.4 MB

Note: This program is no longer available for general consumer use.

yourMail is a useful tool that helps users of Microsoft Outlook to automatically sort emails in their inbox. We all know the problem: over time our email inbox becomes quite disastrous because we get so many emails but never organize or delete any of them. youMail is a tool to help with this.

This free add-on for Microsoft Outlook really helps you to keep everything sorted out by offering a wide variety of different features. The most widely used, however, is the one click email filing options, which makes it incredibly quick and easy to put all of your emails in the appropriate folder. There is also the ability to categorize and tag your incoming emails in large blocks, and even an option to add additional filters to make it easier to locate specific messages.

But what happens if you know when an email was received, but not what folder you put it in? youMail has solved that problem by giving you the ability to also view your emails in chronological order, and not just by folder. You can even add personal notes to each message for your own personal reference at a later date.

There are so many features attached to yourMail that it actually can be slightly daunting to get used to all of them. Many new users will feel a little bit overwhelmed by all the choices that the program gives you. But once you get the hang of it all, organizing your Microsoft Outlook inbox will be easier than ever.

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