Wyzo – Torrent Oriented Browser – 100% Free for Windows and Mac

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The perfect browser for torrent newbies

Wyzo is a Firefox based browser aimed at users who frequently torrent programs and shows.


The browser functions almost identically to Firefox, except for the fact that Wyzo does more to gear itself towards those who wish to torrent. It accomplishes this by automatically installing helpful Firefox add ons like Firedownload and Video DownloadHelper, setting the user up for embedded torrent browsing before they install a single add on themselves.


Wyzo may be summed up by saying that it simply represents a Firefox with download-friendly add ons pre-installed. That’s it, and if that’s useful then great, otherwise users may be better off with another browser option.


All in all Wyzo is a great browser for those looking to torrent without having to install add ons for it themselves, but does little else.



  • Addition of tab switching feature
  • As effective as its foundation (Firefox)
  • Simplifies the torrenting process



  • No help available
  • Oversimplified in some areas
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