Worms World Party

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Do you have competitive friends? Are you always looking for odd and wacky ways to out-do one another? Does the thought of leading a platoon of worms have any appeal? Have you considered it before? If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, it may be worth taking a look at Worms World Party.

The Worms series has become hilariously famous over the years. As the name suggests, it offers players the chance to take control of a team of worms (five players per team typically) and attempt to take out another team. The game can be enjoyed alone versus artificial intelligence, but is really most fun when enjoyed facing off against friends and colleagues.

The goal for each team is to take out all the worms on the other team, before the other team can do the same. The game offers a host of weaponry (everything from simple pistols to air strikes and tossable goats), and a hilarious range of animations to go along with them.

The fact that the series has become so popular has led to the development of several expansions, and Worms World Party is the seventh to be released. Each expansion offers a new theme of content, offering new maps and weaponry to play with for all the fans.

The graphics are two dimensional, with a simply crafted environment that can be thoroughly destroyed in the heat of battle. The soundtrack is hilarious and adds to the lighthearted fun of the game. All in all, Worms World Party has been extremely well received, particularly by fans of the series.

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