Worms 3D

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Team17 development has teamed up with Sega, Acclaim Entertainment, and Feral Interactive to bring another Worm’s adventure to the world, Worms 3D. The Worm’s series has a simple premise: players command a small platoon of worms out to destroy the other team. There are a host of weapons and zany moves that can be used to do just that. The original series was so popular the game has gone on to publish several expansions. Each expansion offers its own change to gameplay, some new content, and all the fun fans have come to expect from the developers.

One of the big changes in Worms 3D is obviously the graphic change from a two dimensional rendering to a three dimensional one. This means the worms can be seen in action like never before. Graphics are not the only thing to have changed however, and players will also notice some brand new weapons to muck around with.

There are three modes of gameplay: quick match, campaign, and multiplayer. Quick match is the original game mode, quick matches between two teams of worms bent only on destroying one another. Campaign mode by contrast offers worms particular missions they’re trying to achieve (while causing destruction), giving more of a story line feel. Finally, multiplayer mode references the game’s capability to incorporate actual other players rather than simply artificial intelligence opponents.

The graphics are awesome, the sound track is fun, and the worms are back! It’s a lot of fun to see what this series offers each time, and making it three dimensional really changes the appearance quite a bit.

Worms 3D has been received very well, as fans of the series flock yet again to enjoy its zany adventure.

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