Wordz 1.0 – 100% Free for Windows

Version: 1.0
Licence: Free
Author: Morgan Palmer
Size: 3.4 MB

Many people do not have access to the ubiquitous Microsoft Office suite, which can be a problem when trying to write papers or do other word processing activities on the computer. With Wordz, however, this problem is lessened greatly. Written and created by a 13 year old, the developer made Wordz primarily for his friends at school who did not have access to Microsoft Office at their home and who were using WordPad as a bad alternative. Seeing this, he set out to create an application that has more features than WordPad for a better word processing experience.

Not only can you type out what you want in Wordz, but it also comes with some useful features. These include spellcheck, live spellcheck, dictionaries, and hyperlink options. These specific features were added because they do not exist in WordPad, but are very important for the average word processing user. Coming in at just under 2 MB, Wordz is incredibly compact, which makes it perfect for smaller machines. It is also completely portable, and can either be installed onto a flash drive or eve just copied across devices and run straight from there.

Although Wordz is no where near as complex or feature-rich as other word processing alternatives like OpenOffice or Libre Office, it definitely serves a specific niche. With its compact size and selective features set, it sets out to help students who need a word processor, and it succeeds. Truly a labor of love, Wordz makes the world just a little better, one step at a time.

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