Wise JetSearch – File Search Tool – Windows – Free Download

Wise JetSearch

Fast and precise local file search tool

Wise JetSearch is a software application that allows quick and easy file searches. As an alternative to the Window’s default searching software, Wise Jet Search offers the significant advantage of speed over its competitor, completing most file searches in seconds rather than minutes.

The results are also more configurable, displaying the name, size, and modified date instantly, and allowing even more user control and flexibility by requiring only a right click to open.

One of the best aspects of using a program like Wise JetSearch is that it isn’t particularly hard on computer resources, meaning users can go on about their virtual business while the search is being performed, with little consequence to the computer.

All in all, Wise JetSearch is a faster alternative to the Window’s default file search software, and a competitive one at that!

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