Winplot – Maths Plots – Windows – Free Download


As the name suggests, Winplot is a software that assists users with plotting variables and shapes. The software is compatible with all forms of Windows, from 95 to 10, and is absolutely free to use. Its base function is to draw curves and create shapes in a user friendly way, and to easily export these views wherever they are needed.

Though it was released in 1985, its usefulness continues to date. Written in C++, it is an easy way to generate either 2D or 3D plots. These plots can be established by inputting variables to create it, and can be enhanced by animating one variable. The program can host up to 23 variables on a plot, though it is worth noting that only one variable can currently be animated at a time.

One of the handiest features of Winplot is surely the exporting one. It allows data to be easily transferred to EPS, Metafiles, PiCTeX, SVG, or even just to the clipboard for easy copying into other visual programs. This makes the plots easy to share from one person to another, making the software all the more effective for business teams and projects.

This is not its only feature however, as Winplot offers a host of plotting tools that include everything from implicit functions to slope fields. This is not common for freeware, but is provided by Winplot. Users are often pleased with its flexibility, and the ease with which it generates both two dimensional and three dimensional forms.

The program is also delightfully small, taking up only 1.86 Mb on an average hard drive. The functionality and price combination place Winplot in a tier that is truly without competition.

Winplot is popularly used in a variety of careers, known for its graphing and calculating power and ease of access. And you can’t beat the price!

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