Windows 7 Home Premium

Windows 7 Home Premium

Microsoft has been relied upon for generations to produce the operating systems that most computers tend to run on (the alternatives being Linux and Mac products). Windows 7 Home Premium is the computer operating system that has been aimed at the everyday user.

It is accompanied by all the basic features you know and love, the windows start button, the basic file explorer, but also equips users with a home media centre for user convenience.

Users can avail themselves of either 32 bit or 64 bit versions of the operating system for convenience, and rest assured it will regularly be upgraded.

Many computers that were equipped with Windows 7 have at some point been offered a free upgrade to Windows 8, ensuring the ability to stay on top of the technological waves of new operating systems. That being said, not everyone prefers the technology of Windows 8, so feel free to stay ‘downgraded’ and keep the last classic version of Windows to be released.

This particular version of the operating systems was generally well received, Windows 7 Home Premium has all the basics most users look for and a few fun extras (like the media centre or the ability to use a 64-bit system). All in all, a good job to Microsoft.



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