Win8 Screensaver Clock 2.0 – Win8 Screensaver Clock 100% Free for Windows

Win8 Screensaver Clock
Version: 2.0
Licence: Free
Author: Crashing Cubes
Size: 615 KB

Win8 Screensaver Clock is a lightweight application that lets you set a completely customizable screensaver clock that imitates the metro-style start menu of Windows 8. Not only does it show the time, but allows you to see the date, day, and month, so you can always keep track of yourself in a fun and attractive way.

Due to its minimalist look and impressive functionality, this type of start screen has been preferred by many Windows users. The application plays numerous animations during its runtime – like a flying paper airplane – which definitely trumps the stillness of a boring screensaver. But on top of that you have access to a highly customizable clock, for increased functionality.

As stated previously, many of the settings of Win8 Screensaver Clock are customizable. You can change the background color of the screensaver from a selection of colors so that it matches your actual start screen. You also have the ability to format the clock so it reads exactly how you want it to.  With the newest Pro version of this application, the screensaver clock can be displayed on all monitors that are attached to the PC, and they all get access to the free and regular software updates.

Win8 Screensaver Clock offers Full High Definition 1080p with 1920×1080 pixels, which give a really great display and ultra high quality visuals. If you are looking for a screensaver with the combination of the functionality of a clock paired with the modern design of the Windows 8 start menu, Win8 Screensaver Clock is definitely right for you.

Some new features that are included with the newest release of Win8 Screensaver Clock include:

  • Additional themes to choose from
  • Brand new animations
  • Smoother graphics, for a more eye-pleasing experience
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