WeGame 1.1.6 – Record Gaming Videos – Windows – Free Download

Version: 1.1.6
Licence: Free
Author: WeGame
Size: 10,0 MB

Record gaming videos and share them online

Gamers have a lot in common, from groups of gaming interests to the desire to connect with one another. One of the main ways that gamers like to connect with each other is by sharing images and videos of popular games being played, and this is exactly where WeGame comes in.

WeGame is the software prepared for the website of WeGame, a sharing site that allows users to browse and post at will. It is easy to use, basing its start and stop functions off of set keyboard shortcuts by the users. Voila, easy game recording without hassle.

The recordings produced only come out in AVI, but can be safely uploaded to WeGame for file sharing if the user is willing to create an account.

That being said, WeGame only supports a few games, specifically Call of Duty 4, Half Life 2, Hellgate London, and World of Warcraft, but these are all extremely popular games that have a lot of users who want to share their files.

WeGame is a great file recording and sharing tool for gamers out there.

Most recent changes made to WeGame

  • Correction of memory leak issues
  • Improved hooking and logging system
  • Run as admin setting warning before the program initializes


  • Editable
  • Easy to use


  • AVI output exclusively
  • Limited gaming list
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