Virtual City 2

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Check out this city building simulation game, Virtual City 2. For the inner city planner in all of us, Virtual City 2 starts out with a simple plot of land and the instruction to develop the land into a thriving city.

This will mean building homes, building a downtown, designating a commercial zone, and creating a transportation system to unite it all (among other things). Players will have to work to not only house people, but to attract them to their little town (particularly in the early days as the city is growing in fame but not quite there yet). Don’t forget that city planning isn’t all fun, and players best not forget to set up a garbage disposal system or emergency response team.

There are a lot of random events that can interfere with city planning, whether it’s a natural disaster or population unhappiness. Players will have to address each challenge if they want their city to continue to thrive.

The graphics are extremely basic two dimensional renderings, and the sound track is nothing to write home about. The game is a simple what you see is what you get type of offering, yet it seems to be lacking in quality when compared to bigger name city planner games.

Virtual City 2 has not received an entirely warm reception from the gaming community, a fact that has primarily resulted from the notion that there are better city planning/development games available. A decent, albeit lackluster city planning game for those looking to branch out from the Sim City franchise.

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