VideoStudio Pro 13.6 – The must-have Video Editor – Windows – English

Licence: Trial Version
Author: Corel Corporation
Size: 135,0 MB

As our world becomes increasingly digitized, we are in more and more need of quality, useful tools to help us with our creative projects. It’s difficult to find creative programs that are capable of competing with the major software that is currently on the market, all while staying in the realm of usability for non-professionals.

VideoStudio Pro X6 is an all in one video editing software, successfully balancing the space between being a tool for professional use but also having an extremely user-friendly interface. This launch of the next edition of Corel’s VideoStudio Pro packs in a number of new features, making video editing quick and easy.

There are multiple easy-to-use templates to begin work, with a flexible and customizable workspace. The program allows work on videos up to the enormous size of 4K, and boasts a myriad of new and exciting tools. First off, the video editing section has been reduced to the absolute minimum, so all you have to do is place your video clips on the timeline. You are then able to cut, edit, and arrange them however you want, all with a simple drag and drop functionality.

Once you create the body of your movie, it is time to add the special effects. You can choose from sixteen groups of 150 different transitions, ranging from the classical options (fade, passing to white, passing to black, etc) to the more advanced 3D and animation effects. You also have the option to drop in title cards and subtitle text.

When you work with VideoStudio Pro, there’s no need to download any extra software. This is because it is compatible with a wide range of current camera and video formats. It is also very simple to use multimedia from many sources, even including hard disks, mobile phones, and DSLR cameras. As an added bonus, the VideoStudio Pro is also compatible with AVCHD 2.0 formats.

So, begin your movie making adventure today with VideoStudio Pro. You can’t go wrong with the large selection of tools paired up with a simple and effective user format.

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