UltraSurf 13.04 – Free Proxy-Based Internet Privacy and Security Tools

Version: 13.04
Licence: Free
Author: UltraReach
Size: 1,9 MB

UtraSurf is a lightweight, free software that provides Internet users with a way to browse privately and securely.  It was originally created by Ultrareach Internet Company to help Internet users in China access the web freely and without censorship.  Today it is the most popular anti-censorship, pro-privacy software on the market.  It is even capable of avoiding restrictions imposed on net users by many countries, giving you access to websites blocked by governments.

The UltraSurf software requires no installation from a hard drive or portable media, and leaves no registration after shut down.  After the application has been launched, a padlock will appear on the desktop.  Once you see this, you will be able to browse anonymously using the UltraSurf engine.  The program is compatible with two of the most popular browsers on the market, Internet Explorer and Firefox.

Advantages of using UltraSurf

When you use UltraSurf you will benefit from three primary characteristics: privacy, freedom, and security.

UltraSurf is the ultimate protector of privacy.  The application hides your IP address so that your identity remains completely unknown.  It also clears browsing history and deletes cookies, so that you can anonymously browse the Internet.

UltraSurf also provides maximum security for all of your data transfers and communications made over the Internet.  The software uses industry standard, strong end-to-end encryption to guard all of your actions from being seen by third parties, guaranteeing the best protection.

Finally, UltraSurf makes it possible to access sites that have been blocked using geolocalization.  You can bypass censorship on important social media and communication sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube.  With this program you can avoid restrictions on any website, which is an especially useful feature nowadays in many parts of the world.

Download UltraSurf for free to enjoy browsing over the Internet, without censorship and with full privacy.

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