TVU Player 100% Free for Windows (Xp, Vista, 7, 8, 10)

TVU Player

TVU Player is a program that allows users to stream online TV straight to its interface. This is a fun idea, allowing users to browse ‘channels’ like they would on television to find what they’re looking for. The player indeed attempts to transition streaming to television quality, allowing users a higher quality experience than they might get just streaming themselves.

The program itself is mercifully small and easy to install, making it accessible no matter what type of computer the user has. That being said, it has also received criticism for its lack of customizable experience, and harsh demands on bandwidth. The program does not allow its users to resize windows, offers a relatively poor selection of channels, and places high demands on internet bandwidth that demand a fast connection.

That is not to say the program is not without its use, many find it works well and swear by it, it’s just to make the user aware of the potential issues with the software. Every program has its drawbacks, it’s just how important they are to the particular user that should make the decision as to whether to install or not.

All in all, the software has been accepted but not well received. It is up to the individual user whether they will make the TVU Player part of their programming needs. It certainly makes for an interesting idea to transition from streaming to essentially watching television on your computer (channel switching and all), but it is not one that is without work.

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