Trojan Remover 100% Free for Windows (Xp, Vista, 7, 8, 10)

Trojan Remover

Detect and delete any form of trojan

Malicious software seems to be everywhere these days, and even a good anti-virus program occasionally lets some problems through. This is where removal tools like Trojan Remover come in, to fix the issues that slip through the PC protection cracks.

Trojan Remover in particular targets Trojan Horse viruses and worms from computers, specializing in specific to give it more focus. The idea is that it can scan, detect, and then delete the Trojans from anywhere on the system, regardless of how deep the issue goes. Trojan Remover in particular actively seeks to not only destroy the Trojan itself, but also to remove any effects the Trojan may have had on the PC, a nice bonus to its efficacy.

That being said, the program doesn’t always manage to get the job done, despite its claim to fame being removal of Trojans, sometimes it just fails. This potentially could be said of any viral removal tool, but is something to be aware of.

Trojan Remover works to remove Trojan software and its negative impacts from any computer system, a valuable software – when it works.

Most recent updates made to Trojan Remover

  • Added ability to scan hidden running processes for Windows Vista and Windows 7
  • Faster rootkit detection thanks to new heuristic
  • New alert ability for detection process
  • New ability to check Windows Security Center settings
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