Trikanoid 1.1 – Trikanoid 100% Free for Windows

Version: 1.1
Licence: Free
Author: Triumph Remakers
Size: 80.4 MB

If you were a fan of the famous Arkanoid arcade game from the 80s, then you will definitely like Trikanoid, a fantastic and true-to-form remake of the old classic. All of the features of the original game have been recreated in Trikanoid, including all the different power-ups, and even the annoying but sometimes useful aliens. And since the two main developers used to own a ZX Spectrum back in the day, extra emphasis has been placed on using some of the uniqueness of the ZX Spectrum implementation that was originally released for this specific machine.

But if you are worried about Trikanoid being old and boring, breathe a sigh of relief. This is because instead of making a truly nostalgic remake with monochrome coloring and synthetic sounds, the main idea was to transfer the feeling of the game onto a more modern play structure of today.

Since its release, Trikanoid has received numerous positive reviews and has won a number of awards for its playability, graphics, and just overall gaming quality. So if you were ever a fan of the classic game Arkanoid, you will definitely enjoy Trikanoid.

Some of the key features of Trikanoid include:

  • 33 different levels
  • Exciting and challenging end-of-game monster at level 33
  • Tons of power ups to discover
  • Stunning graphics, with fun effects and animations
  • A completely different background for every level
  • High quality musical soundtrack
  • 8 different in-game music scores
  • 8 different in-game soundscapes
  • 4 additional music scores for the menu, game won, and more
  • A very cool, old-school intro into the game
  • Newly added support for mouse control
  • Newly added toggle for pad movement in the main menu
  • Additional on-screen instructions
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