Trapped: The Abduction

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Stop almost any person on the street and ask them what their worst nightmare is, and the answer will likely be something akin to Trapped: The Abduction. The mystery/thriller game created by 21 Rocks LLC centers around the idea of waking up in the back of a truck. A truck that’s locked and that the player has no memory of.

From the point of waking up, players have to start trying to figure out where they are and what’s going on…before their abductors come back. Even once they figure out what the situation is, the challenge of escape is more than enough to keep players busy for hours on end.

In terms of gameplay, Trapped: The Abduction is essentially a point and click third person mystery. The player knows the whole time they’re being watched, but still has to do their level best to escape – and not in the way their kidnappers planned. The game spans over several different locations (players only start in the van) and each location has a series of clues and puzzles that may offer the key to escape – or to more danger.

The graphics are decent, the soundtrack is extremely fitting and bothersome, and the plot is intriguing. Trapped: The Abduction has a lot to appreciate in terms of a survival/mystery game.

Trapped: The Abduction has been received typically well, though it really hasn’t gotten a lot of attention thus far. For anyone looking to test their puzzling and survival skills, this may be a great way to spend an afternoon.

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