Transmission-Qt 2.82 – Transmission-Qt 100% Free for Windows (Xp, Vista, 7, 8)

Version: 2.82
Licence: Free
Author: René Berber
Size: 14,6 MB

An intuitive, minimalist BitTorrent client

Transmission uses ports to operate in cooperation with BitTorrent, Transmission-Qt is one of these ports. The purpose of these programs is to help users to establish boundaries for the torrents they’re downloading, from download limit to speed priority level.

On top of allowing users to set speed caps, Transmission-Qt also performs functions like providing control for filtering torrents, and downloading new torrents, and even torrent encryption. Users can rest assured that if they use Transmission-Qt they will have as much control over their torrenting as possible.

Best of all, it’s laid out in a simple, uncluttered way that makes it a dream to navigate in terms of finding functions and reports.

The one downside to Transmission-Qt is that its statistical reporting is rather basic, providing limited information. If this is acceptable, then there won’t likely be another issue with Transmission-Qt.

Transmission-Qt is an effective program that works with BitTorrent to provide users more control over their torrents and experiences with torrenting.

Most recent changes made to Transmission-Qt

  • General error fixes related to RPC error, UDP trackers, and build failures


  • Gives user full control over torrent speed, priority, and filtering of torrents
  • Minimal design fluff, just what the user needs
  • Torrent encryption capabilities
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