Tomahawk Gold 4.5.1 – Tomahawk Gold 100% Free for Windows (Xp, Vista, 7, 8 )

Tomahawk Gold
Version: 4.5.1
Licence: Trial version
Author: NativeWinds
Size: 9,7 MB

Most computer users have always used the same word processing software, never thinking that there might be another alternative out there that they would like better. But today more than ever there are a lot of other options besides the PC standard, Microsoft Word. Tomahawk Gold is one of these options that offers a plethora of interesting additional features.

Tomahawk Gold offers all the usual tools that you have come to expect from your word processing software, including spell check, text formatting, print preview, graphical abilities, and the option to export and import images. Even the interface layout is very similar to Microsoft Word, so most users should not have a problem getting used to Tomahawk Gold.

But past all the usual features, Tomahawk Gold really starts to differentiate itself, especially in the realm of dealing with PDF files. It offers a wide variety of PDF conversion capabilities, which allows you to turn any document into a PDF with additional protection options like authoring info and even a mail merge. Additionally, there is a basic file converter that will allow you to turn RTF and TXT documents into more advanced and useful formats.

Although some users have noted that the ‘Help’ function doesn’t always work, and only English is currently on offer. But if these issues can be fixed, Tomahawk Gold is definitely a great word processing program that gives you excellent features to make writing on your computer easier than ever.

Some of the features of Tomahawk Gold include:

  • Native support for Word 2007 (docx and dotx), OpenOffice (odt, ott, odm, sxw, and stw), and WordPerfect (wpd and wpt) files
  • Easily create PDF forms and editable fields
  • Option to apply advanced formatting quickly and easily
  • Footnote and endnote capabilities
  • N-Up printing options, so you can print your documents with 1-Up, 2-Up, or booklet style in order to save paper
  • Option to create N-Up PDF files
  • PDF import functionality
  • Multiple scratch pads available, so you can drag and drop, cut, copy, and paste between the main editor and your notes
  • Network compliant configuration
  • Password protection capabilities
  • Table headers can be set up to repeat on subsequent pages during printouts and exports
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