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The organized crime organization, the mafia, has become a popular media topic in recent years. People have a fascination with the lifestyle surrounding members of the mob, and often flock to films and games that offer a little more understanding or simulation. Electronic Redwood Shores has teamed up with Electronic Arts and Paramount Pictures to create a video game that seems the ultimate portrayal, The Godfather. The movie was exceptionally popular, and the game is based off of it.

Players get to live the life of Aldo Trapani, an eager member (and character in the film) doing his best to make a name for himself with the powerful Corleone family. This will involve completing a series of missions, some of which can be recognized from the film itself (who doesn’t remember placing that horse head). These missions vary from making deliveries to planting evidence and getting vengeance.

In terms of gameplay itself, the Godfather is an open world style game that offers players the chance to choose what Aldo will do next. Though some missions are recognizable from the movie, there is plenty of new content here as well, adding to the fun. There is also a huge element of player choice, as players can at any time interact with those around them (including stealing cars, hurting civilians, creating chaos or restoring order a bit). This allows players to control what happens to Aldo and when, and really creates more of an immersive storyline.

The graphics are fairly well done, with a three dimensional rendering that looks appealing and accurate to the time. The soundtrack includes voice acting from several key players in the Godfather film itself, though some have chosen to remain absent from the game.

All in all, the Godfather game has been received as warmly as the movie has, with appreciation for the opportunity to live a day in the life of a mobster.

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