The BlueStacks App Player 0.8 Beta – The BlueStacks App Player 100% Free for Windows (Xp, Vista, 7, 8 )

The BlueStacks App Player
Version: Beta
Licence: Free
Author: BlueStacks
Size: 9,6 MB

With the rise in popularity of smartphones, almost every one knows what an “app” is. We have apps for games, we have apps for organization, we even have apps for learning a new language.

If you’ve ever become ‘hooked’ on an app (do I hear angry birds any one?), chances are that you’ve already had that moment of frustration where you realize you have to choose between using your computer or playing your game.

Not anymore.

The BlueStacks App player is a PC program that allows Windows 7 to run certain Android applications – right there on your computer screen!

It’s simple, it’s easy to use, and you can even download new apps straight to your computer.

Currently, the BlueStacks App Player has 25 applications you can use. This may not seem like very many, but the program is relatively new. In fact, this program is currently in beta stage of testing. That means they need people like you to help iron out all the bugs as they work hard to build it to an even bigger and better program.

So if you think you’re up for having access to your apps on your Windows 7, head to the program website and register as a volunteer beta tester!


Full screen your apps!
Comes with several popular apps already installed
Enables you to use your computer – for apps!


It’s still in beta, meaning that it isn’t yet fully compatible with all apps
So far, they only have 25 apps. (This will grow with time).

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