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Text Saver

Text Saver is a program that allows users to extract text messages from their iPhone backup files and save them to a hard drive. Everyone who texts occasionally likes or needs to  save a conversation, and it is always a disaster if that text message or conversation thread is accidentally deleted. Whether that is through actual deletion or damage to the phone does not matter, the result is the same: the text message is gone. Although there are ways to restore the iPhone back up, but most of the time they are complicated and cause other problems. But with Text Saver that is no longer an issue.


Using Text Saver is very easy and intuitive, and there are no complicated settings to mess around with, so even the most novice user can handle the program. Setting up the app takes little time, and once it is done you can immediately run it. When you do need to recover a text or conversation thread, the entire process is done in just a few minutes and a couple easy steps. All you need to do is select the iPhone backup from an included drop-down menu and choose a location for extracting the message files.


The actual extraction process is fast and uses low to moderate RAM and CPU, so it does not clog up your computer while it does its work. Although there are other similar apps that may or may not be better suited to an individual’s needs, Text Saver is a solid program that gets the job done.


Some of the new features in the most recent release of Text Saver include:


  • Ability to recover photos from iOS7 backups
  • Support for iPhone 5, iPhone 5C, and iPhone 5S, in addition to all the previous generation iPhones
  • Up to five times faster at recovering data
  • Option to upgrade from within the app without having to re-download the entire thing
  • More recovery formats are available
  • Numerous minor bug fixes, so Text Saver works better than ever
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