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In recent years independently developed games have become an increasingly popular way to develop games. The art of cutting out the middle man is extremely appealing to several young developers, and this is what happened with Terraria. This independently developed treasure is exactly why independent games have become so popular.

Terraria is an open world, sandbox style of game that simply encourages players to build to their hearts content. There are a variety of materials (dirt, wood, various ore, stone, and water to start with, and several more complex materials like glass and more later on). Players are free to carve into the environment as they see fit.

The game offers several different biomes: basic/forest, jungle, evil infested, winter, desert, and even meteor biomes occasionally. Each biome has its own set of resources and enemies that can affect the player, and each world contains a combination of all of them. Players can use this to build. For example, a player could theoretically harvest winter resources and bring them back to the forest, but only if they can survive the cold first.

Terraria places a strong emphasis on player will. If a player just wants to stay in the easier biomes and build, they are free to do so. If on the other hand they start exploring, it’s possible they’ll start encountering mysterious objects that can trigger boss fights, attacks, and other levels of challenging action.

The game is two dimensionally rendered, a side scroller, yet it still has the charm and interest level of any three dimensional open world. Fans have become dedicated to the types of graphics, and they really are very well done.

To say that Terraria has been well received is like saying people like video games, quite the understatement. Terraria is an independently developed treasure that can take months to fully understand and explore, and there’s almost always more to learn. Great sandbox game!

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