Telegram for Desktop 0.9.50 100% Free for Windows (Xp, Vista, 7, 8, 10)

Telegram for Desktop 0.9.50

Telegram is a messaging program that empowers users to communicate securely across platforms. Indeed this program is available for all mobile and desktop computer operating systems. Many mobile users have made the switch from WhatsApp to Telegram because of its versatility. As an alternative, it has become known for its prioritization of convenience and security.

When the program is opened, a user friendly interface displays a list of contacts, conversations, and available files. A log in is required every time in the spirit of that much appreciated security.

It offers a host of features that make it particularly easy to navigate, not the least of which being its drag and drop file sharing system. Users need only click a file and drag it to the conversation to initiate sharing, still in the secure form its users have come to know and love.

It also offers a storage cloud for file sharing. This helps on projects, in the workplace, and even amongst friends looking to file share.

In terms of its security features, Telegram offers a handy encryption feature that covers all conversations and files shared through its program. This means that not only is sharing easy, it’s secure.

Best of all? It’s free. Convenience often comes at a steep price, but not in this case, and fans are loving it. All in all, a great program for having and securing conversations across platforms. Many users have already given it a try, and those who haven’t should likely consider it.

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