Taxi Racer New York 2

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New York is stereotypically full of cabs. It seems like there are entire streets of yellow with how many cabs are out at one time. Taxi drivers are some of the most in demand, tough drivers out there, they know how to get their fares from point A to point B – and the good ones know how to do it fast. Enter Taxi Racer New York 2.

The general premise behind the game is that players are a taxi cab driver, skilled in the art of driving, who has joined an illegal racing league right in New York. Just because the player is a cab driver doesn’t mean they only know how to drive a cab, and there are a variety of cars available (from basic to luxury) depending on the race that’s being had.

The game is relatively basic in its graphic rendering, a simple three dimensional one that does leave something to be desired during the animations. But the premise is simple and the game is fun enough, it may be a good casual racer.

Taxi Racer New York 2 does not seem to have reached a particularly wide audience or fan base, and may require playing to judge effectively. So far, it seems like a simple to learn racing game set in downtown New York, with some lackluster graphics. All in all, Taxi Racer New York 2 gets a thumbs up, but it may be a little dated for anything beyond casual gaming at this point.

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