TaskCracker for Outlook 1.1.52 – TaskCracker for Outlook 100% Free for Windows

TaskCracker for Outlook
Version: 1.1.52
Licence: Trial version
Author: TaskCracker
Size: 3.6 MB

For the more visual people out there, TaskCracker for Outlook was created especially for you. It allows you to manage tasks visually from within a native Microsoft Outlook interface by using a very intuitive urgency and importance task matrix. This program makes it easy to build the right schedule for your day when considering the priority of the tasks you need to complete. This helps you ensure long-term success for whatever you want to do, because by singling out more important tasks and separating them from less-important and even urgent things, a hierarchy of necessity emerges.

You never have to worry about forgetting about a very important project or task you need to complete when you start using TaskCracker for Outlook. What makes this program so different from other task managers is that everything is done visually, instead of in a list format. It also takes tasks and follow-ups that are already in your Microsoft Outlook, so you do not have to start from complete scratch when compiling your data.

This kind of tool is perfect for everyone, but especially managers, people who are self-employed, thinkers, artists, and anyone who has a large scale project that needs to be broken down into smaller bits. With TaskCracker for Outlook, it is just that much easier to keep strategic goals on track, and never lose urgent tasks that may later be forgotten.

Some of the features of TaskCracker for Outlook include:

  • Full support for native Microsoft Outlook tasks and emails
  • Visual task matrix that shows an urgency and important axis
  • Drag and drop functionality for moving tasks between quadrants
  • You can filter tasks by categories, accounts, urgency, and many other variables
  • Option to print the matrix, so you can have a hard copy of the report
  • Categories are colored so you can mark tasks and emails from different projects
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