Tango 1.6.14117 – Tango 100% free for Windows (Xp, Vista, 7, 8)

Version: 1.6.14117
Licence: Free
Author: Tango
Size: 11,2 MB

Tango is yet another program like Skype, used to make video and voice calls. You can communicate with people on your contact list or place calls separately. As just like programs like Camfrog Video, you can call cell phones.

Tango is very easy to use, even more so than Skype, just install it and start using it. It is so simple you will not even need a tutorial or have to read instructions. All the settings are built right in, so you will not have to mess around with those either, you could call this a ‘plug and play’ program. Just install it and start using it!

The quality of these types of video programs greatly rely on the internet connection and speed that both parties use, but even with low speed or bad connections, Tango consistently delivers good service. Depending on the icon you choose, you can either talk through your computer, a standard phone line or even a cell phone. Many users have said that using Tango even sounds better than actually talking on a real phone.

Just like Skype and Camfrog Video, Tango is also free and you also need to set up a user account. Once you have your Tango account, you can send out invitations to your friends and people on your contact lists so they can download the program and connect with you too.

As mentioned above, Skype, Camfrog Video and Voip Stunt are all other options for voice chat and call programs. Everyone has their own opinion of which one they think is the best, but the only way for you to decide would be to try them out for yourself.

Here are some of the best aspects of using Tango:

An app that allows you to link to social networks

Links to PCs, tablets and smartphones

Video and voice calls that offer great quality

Can connect through wifi, broadband, 3G and 4G internet connnections

You can add pictures, graphics and animation to your conversations

Searches for your contacts by location

Send e-cards

edit photos

play games

keep a photo gallery

Upload files

create your own user profile

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