Super Mario World

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Mario has been a beloved video game character for several years now, with one of the most popular adventures being Super Mario World. Unfortunately for fans of the game, it was originally only released to Nintendo console games. While many people grew up playing the famous title, they thought it lost when they moved on to PC gaming instead. Thankfully in recent years it has become more and more popular to convert old console games to PC, and this has finally happened to Super Mario World.

Super Mario World is a platform adventure where players portray the famous video game brothers, Mario and Luigi. Mario and Luigi are working their way through the world, a world comprised of several levels that are spread out over six kingdoms. Each kingdom has a chunk of levels, and then a boss fight, and each one is more difficult than the last (with new enemies, different puzzles, and so forth).

The graphics are the exact same as they were in the console version, allowing fans to relive all the nostalgic great moments of the past. The gameplay has changed slightly, in that this revitalized version of the series favorite adds some unexpected twists (like new versions of old enemies that function just differently enough to keep fans wondering).

Super Mario World for PC has been welcomed with open arms by an eager community of fans. The new tweaks on old enemies adds a fun twist to a fan favorite, and is much appreciated. Really though, the star of the show in terms of benefits is the ability to play Mario on the computer.

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