Super Finder XT Super Finder XT 100% Free for Windows

Super Finder XT
Licence: Free
Author: FSL Team
Size: 4,5 MB

At times it is difficult to find the files you want on your computer with Windows Search, but now with Super Finder XT it will be a little bit easier. Super Finder XT was specifically created in order to aid users in the search for those hard to locate files. And with an incredibly well designed user interface, this program really does help.

Although the idea of this kind of application can be a little daunting at first, you have no reason to worry, since Super Finder XT comes chock full of step by step tutorials that begin right away when you launch the program. You also have two options in which to look for folders. You can either use one of the predefined paths like the desktop or Documents, or you can specifically choose which file section you want to peruse.

Additionally, Super Finder XT offers you three search types to choose from: text, Unicode, and hexadecimal. There’s even support for wildcards, which means that you can still search for files even if you only remember one word or just a section of the actual file name. Or if you only know the date it was added or even file size, Super Finder XT can help sniff the file out like that as well. With the added benefit of features like the deep recycle bin scan, you will definitely find whatever you are looking for.

Although users have noted that the search function of Super Finder XT is slightly slower than the Windows search, the program makes up for it by being incredibly quick to install and a much lighter application overall. This means that you will have more space on your hard drive to keep more enjoyable applications and documents.

Super Finder XT gives the user many customization options, including multiple skins to play around with. You can even change the way the status bar looks, and whether or not you want a separate column for attachments. All in all, Super Finder XT is a really great and lightweight program that can be used instead of Windows Search.

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