Super Cow – 100% Free for Windows

Super Cow
Author: Playfirst
Size: 31,4 MB

Help Super Cow save the world

Super Cow is an adventure game wherein the player enters the role of a cow’s life.


The premise behind the game is amusing, but simple: the player is taking on the role of a genetically modified cow who has now understood the world around him to the extent that he has discovered the presence of a mad scientist attempting world domination. The cow seeks to stop this world domination, and thus the player must get him through the levels to safety where he can find a way to stop the mad scientist.


The controls are typical for that of a platform game, and the graphics are charmingly simple. On top of the quality of graphics and gameplay, there is an audio element of voice acting which adds to the story telling. All in all, an easy game to play, but unique and fun.



  • Diversity of levels
  • Pleasantly challenging
  • Story and gameplay matching



  •  Repetitive after time
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