Stat’n’Perf – Monitor Who’s Connected to your WIFI- Windows – Free Download


In an age where the question must always be asked “who is connected to this WiFi network”, software like Stat’n’Perf comes as a gift from above.

 The program is a connection monitoring software application, detailing how many connections are being made to the internet over the current network, how many file uploads and downloads each connected device is making, and a history of all that has been downloaded/uploaded by the existing network. Users can rest easy knowing that they will understand where their monthly bandwidth is going and how quickly it’s getting there.

 In fact, Stat’n’Perf also features things like a bandwidth usage forecasting tool, to estimate how much more will be needed to finish out the month (assuming similar patterns in usage) and an alert system that can be programmed to warn users of when that limit is impending for that particular connection. This can save a lot of money in internet overage rates and data charges.

Stat’n’Perf works quickly, effectively, and efficiently to help people understand where their bandwidth is going, how fast its getting there, and when they should slow down on the downloads. Great program!

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