Start My Day 2.0 – Download Start My Day’s latest version in English

Start My Day
Version: 1
Licence: Free
Author: Lee Whittington
Size: 409 KB

Mornings are hard enough as it is, but now you can make the early hours of your day a little easier with Start My Day, a handy little application that automatically opens your programs, websites, and music when you start up your computer. This makes it easier than ever to just sit down and begin working immediately without all the extra work of setting up your workspace.

Start My Day is quite an elegant-looking tool, with large buttons that need absolutely no explanation in order to figure out what they each do. The pleasant color scheme make everything visible and easy to read, and everything you could want is there and within easy reach on the user-interface.

But although the idea behind Start My Day is really great and useful, users have noted a few glitches that are still in need of fixing. First off, the alarm tool does not always function for some people, and as of the last review, the websites will only support bookmarks from Internet Explorer. But as soon as these small problems are fixed, Start My Day will be a really excellent app that could be useful to anyone who works on their computer. Because in all reality, sometimes the hardest part about the day is beginning it.

Some of the new features in the most recent release of Start My Day include:

  • The program is now compatible with all web browsers
  • The music now supports the following extensions: MIDI, MP3, WAV, and WMA
  • There is now an option to select which dialog, app, web, music, video, or document to run at a specific alarm time
  • Support for multiple document formats have been added, including ACCDB, CFG, DAT, DOC, DOCX, and many more
  • There is now support for the following extensions: AHK, BAT, BIN, CMD, EXE, ISO, MSC, MSI, Torrent, WSF, and VBS
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