Star Wars Republic Commando

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Lucas Arts teamed up with Lucas film and Disney Interactive to create Star Wars Republic Commando. This game is an action packed military strategy game wherein players are given their own squad of Commandos, the most elite forces in the galaxy. Commandos work together, and they each bring their own particular skills and abilities to the table. It is up to the players to decide how to effectively use each member of their team, and they command each of them.

Players can choose between working single player or multiplayer game modes. Single player games are as described, the player controls the squad themselves. In multiplayer games, players join up to sixteen other players who then only control themselves (and hopefully communicate with their team) in trying to complete missions.

These missions vary from deathmatch style get-the-bad-guys to obtaining specific items to help the Republic. Either way, the player will be provided with an objective and a team, the rest is up to them. This is first person shooter action combined with an element of strategy. The more time the player spends planning, the easier the game will go.

The graphics are relatively well done three dimensional renderings, though perhaps somewhat dated at this point. The soundtrack stays true to the series. Fans have loved the game, despite its age, for the ability to jump into the Star Wars action. The other thing that is notoriously appreciated is the level of challenge, the combination of shooting and strategy. A great game with a lot of action!

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