Star Wars Episode I: Racer

Download Star Wars Episode I Racer Free

LucasArts has teamed up with Nintendo to bring another Star Wars game to screen, Star Wars Episode I: Racer. This involves all the fun of bringing the favored characters in to a game, and couples it with fast paced racing action.

There are five modes of gameplay: tournament, time attack, two player, multiplayer, and free race mode. Tournament gameplay is the default setting where players are attempting to rise to the top of the racing track. This involves racing to unlock new content, new racing characters, new courses, and new vehicle upgrades. Time attack gameplay is where players are constantly racing, trying to beat their own best times every time. Two player allows two players to face one another on any course that is currently available for racing. Multiplayer allows the multiplayer fun to happen over an online server, upgrading to more than two players. Finally, free race mode allows any track to be used, so long as it has been unlocked in advance. Each of the modes is fun, depending on what the player wants.

The graphics are basic three dimensional, though the environments are accurate to the descriptions of the Star Wars series. This is a fun, fast paced racing game. The sound effects also attempt to complement the series.

Star Wars Episode I: Racer has been well received by fans of the series, though it’s possible that it’s a little dated at this point (as it did come out in early 2000s). Fans appreciate the track diversity, ability to upgrade their racer and characters, and the multiplayer functionality.

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