Sonic Riders

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Fans of the Sonic series have been looking for PC versions of the games for years. What started as a console game has since spanned into a multiple-console and PC franchise, and fans couldn’t be happier about it. Sonic Riders is a chance to take the favorite Sonic characters in for an action oriented set of races.

Dr. Eggman has challenged Sonic for the Grand Prix championship title. Sonic is the fastest hedgehog around, but even he has to defend the title. This means racing through a host of courses, pulling off combination tricks to get ahead, and showing off those classic Sonic skills at every possible chance.

The graphics are basic three dimensional renderings, the soundtrack is a fun and familiar reminder to the series, and Sonic is in all his glory throughout this racer. A few things have changed in this particular racer, the biggest one to note is the slipstream mechanic. Now when a player is behind their opponent, the opponent generates a slipstream that can help Sonic speed up naturally. This helps with catch ups and is a fun new way to speed up Sonic even faster.

The game also supports multiplayer functionality, so friends and family can get in on the fun and race against one another as others of the Sonic characters. This multiplayer support is split-screen, not local connection, so just be aware when hooking everybody up and have at it!

Sonic Riders has been well received as a fun Sonic series racing game. Fans from around the world are thrilled it’s come to PC.

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