Sonic Heroes

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Sonic has been a fan favorite character since his inception. Players love that wild and fast moving little creature, and his team of crime fighting pals. Sonic Heroes is one of the Sonic games that has made it to PC, so PC gamers too can get in on the fun of enjoying this classic old favorite.

Sonic Heroes forces players to pay attention to and take advantage of the skills of the entire Sonic the Hedgehog team. Each member of the team has a strength, and Sonic Heroes encourages players to select which one will be best for the upcoming level. The three can be played at any time to cross the current stage. The more stages are passed with a character, the quicker they will level up, only serving to increase their abilities.

As with any of the Sonic games, the game is split into levels. Players aim to try to find the Chaos Emerald in the level, and have to get over a host of enemies first. They collect the Chaos Emeralds to combat evil, so evil does its best to stop them. The game is chalk full of platforming puzzler action and action packed boss fights where players have to figure out the weakness of the boss to properly take him down.

The graphics and soundtrack are both true to the series, authentically portraying Sonic in a basic yet familiar format. Sonic Heroes in particular also gives clues as to which hero might be best to use by using different colors on the interface when different characters are selected.

Sonic Heroes has been received well, as all the Sonic games have, as a great way to enjoy a fan favorite on the computer.

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