Sonic Adventure DX

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SEGA has brought back the fun with this challenging and action packed platforming favorite, Sonic Adventure Director’s Cut.

Sonic is once again back in the familiar world fans have come to know and love, this time because the evil Dr. Eggman has woken an ancient evil that needs to be defeated. Of course, this means tracking down the Chaos Emeralds, and that means going through a lot of levels trying to get access to them (each full of enemies and puzzles alike).

Sonic will need the team here, and there is indeed opportunity to run into some of the old fan favorites. Really the fun of the game is that it’s a beloved series being brought back to life on PC.

In terms of gameplay itself, Sonic Adventure DX is of course a platform style game where player’s primary objective is to get through the level and obtain the Chaos Emerald within. There are obstacles to the goal, primarily in the form of enemies and trying to reach the Emeralds, but nothing a little Sonic action can’t overcome (with some puzzling by the player of course).

The graphics for Sonic Adventure DX are actually three dimensionally rendered in this game, though they stay accurate in terms of appearance to the original character’s style. Move through mountains and up hills, it’s not the small two dimensional side scroller people used to deal with. The soundtrack though is absolutely typical to the series, and fans will be pleased to recognize some of the background music from previous Sonic Adventures.

Naturally, the series has been welcomed back with open arms, particularly now that it’s available on PC. Sonic Adventure DX is a great game for any fan of the characters, with a lot of appreciation for the nostalgic action involved!

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