Social Fixer 7.80 – the Social Plug-in – Windows – English

Social Fixer
Version: 7.801
Licence: Free
Author: Matt Kruse
Size: 158 KB

Previously known as Better Facebook, Social Fixer is a Firefox plug-in that allows you to customize your Facebook page down to the smallest detail. Now you do not have to worry about Facebook constantly changing, taking away features that you like, and adding features that you do not need. Because with Social Fixer you can completely customize your Facebook experience to be exactly how you want it.

Just like every other Firefox plug-in, Social Fixer has a very fast installation time without much work on your part. Once it is up and running, Social Fixer will display a quick start guide that is overlaid on top of your Facebook account. You will see the first new changes immediately. There will be a new button bar, wall messages that are organized by tabs, and a new button in the top right hand corner that holds all your options for configuring Social Fixer to your liking.

Although it is a little bit overwhelming at first, you will soon get comfortable with the setup. And eventually, it will be a simple task for you to customize every single detail of your Facebook page. With Social Fixer, your Facebook page becomes a lot more flexible and easy to browse. There are dozens of filters and options for customization, so the sky’s the limit!

So if you are sick and tired of not having the Facebook page you really want, download Social Fixer today. All you need to do is spend some time getting to know the program and you will be able to do anything you want.

Some of the many features of Social Fixer include:

  • Ability to filter your news feed
  • Option to hide posts you have already read
  • Show full pictures with a hover function
  • Stay on only the most recent feed
  • Hide specific parts of the page
  • Additional themes available
  • Increase the font size
  • Anonymize screen shots
  • Automatically retrieve more available stories
  • Show all time stamps
  • Reply to and quote specific comments
  • Enhanced chat capabilities
  • Customizable hash tags
  • Quick navigation links
  • Custom CSS
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