SlimServer – Multiplatform Music Player – Free Download


People often take operating system requirements as a given. When they have Windows, it’s easy, most programs are compatible. However, when users are operating on a less popular operating system, it’s not always so easy. SlimServer is a software application used to play MP3 and WMA files on any type of computer, be it BSD, Linux, Mac, Solaris, or Windows.

The program boasts features like in browser playlist management, incorporation of internet radio, and user control over the player as a whole. It is also capable of making music organization easier, a task which it accomplishes in two ways, importing and search control. SlimServer will automatically import music from iTunes and Winamp, doing its best to unite all the user’s music in a single avenue. It also works to make organization easier by providing a great search engine, capable of searching by artist, album, genre, or metadata tag. This organization is handy.

The program is easy to use, and best of all? It’s open source. This means that the developers have made it available free, and provided it to other developers, to ensure that it is the best program that it can be.

SlimServer is a great music player that makes it easy for a person to organize their collection and play music from a single place.

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