Slender: The Arrival Beta 1.13 – Download Slender: The Arrival for Free for Windows (Xp, Vista, 7, 8 )

Version: Beta 1.13
Licence: Free
Author: Blue Isle Studios

Slender: The Arrival is the much awaited, official sequel to the video game Slender. Developed by Blue Isle Studios, in collaboration with Eric Knudson, and published by Agentparsec Studios, this game it known as one of the most terrifying of its genre. Based upon the monster Slenderman, created in the Something Awful forum, Slender: The Arrival is a truly scary experience.

Gameplay is set in several locations – all abandoned, of course – such as  a disused mine, house, or a dark forest. The main objective of the game is to collect certain objects needed to get to the next level, although these goals change depending on which location you are currently at. You do this while trying to stay away from Slenderman, who is stalking you. What makes this game truly terrifying is that, unlike most other horror games, you have no weapons or defenses and therefore no way to kill Slenderman. If you notice his presence via the screen beginning to cloud, you vision blurring, and persistent static noise, your only option is to run as fast as you can in the opposite direction. Once you escape Slenderman, you can resume your search with only a flashlight. That is, until he finds you once again.

Like previous versions, as you advance through the levels, Slenderman’s behavior changes; it becomes more and more difficult to evade him. During the first levels, he simply appears once or twice in the distance. But in the later levels of the game, he will pursue you much more aggressively and even appear right before your face. There is also a new addition to the enemies in Slender: The Arrival, with a strange young girl. You also need to avoid her, as she will chase you from level to level. The only way to make her stop is by pointing your flashlight at her.

Here are some of the unique features of this game, download Slender: The Arrival for free:

  • Engaging storyline which will leave you glued to your seat.
  • Creepy gameplay atmosphere that intensifies as you progress through the levels.
  • You now must evade Kate, as well as Slenderman.
  • Five original levels, along with two extras for more gameplay time.
  • Three difficulty levels: easy, normal, and hardcore.
  • First-person perspective.
  • Supports Oculus Rift.
  • Plot written in collaboration with the creators of Marble Hornets.
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