Sim City 3000

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Maxis and Electronic Arts have made a huge name for themselves in the simulation world for several titles, one such title is the Sim City series. The Sim City series is a city planning and development series where players begin with a simple plot of land. It’s up to players how to develop that plot of land in a way that will attract people and keep them happy. This will involve everything from building homes and places for people to live to commercially zoning downtown areas so people can work and setting up systems that can educate them to do so. There are a million things that can go wrong with city planning, and players have the chance to learn about everything from natural disasters to red tape surrounding fixing bus routes.

That being said, although the Sim City series has been around for some time, Sim City 3000 makes significant changes to the game that have caused fans to flock to the stands once again. Some of the new changes include: new zoning options for farming and agriculture, new lifespan timers on power plants, and a whole new element of play surrounding now required waste management. The bottom line is the game has gotten more realistic, and that has created an even greater degree of challenge for would-be city planners.

Another area of improvement? The graphics. Though the base style looks similar, Sim City 3000 has added a lot of interactions with the weather and the environment, hillier territories, and a pile of different types of trees. This may not change gameplay itself, but it looks significantly more appealing.

Sim City 3000 has been warmly received by the gaming community, being recognized as a significant improvement on Sim City 2000.

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