SilentNight MicroBurner 6.0.22 100% Free for Windows (Xp, Vista, 7, 8, 10)

SilentNight MicroBurner
Version: 6.0.22
Licence: Free
Author: Silentnight2004
Size: 1,8 MB

SilentNight MicroBurner is a basic burner that lets you do exactly what it says: burn all kinds of CDs and DVDs with very little effort or time. Although this is a basic application that can be used directly from a USB stick, it has a few more excellent pieces of functionality. It also supports the creation and burning of ISO files, the duplication of CDs and DVDs, as well as the ability to make auto run CDs and DVDs. There’s even a back up tool that allows you to back up your computer’s hard drive onto a CD or DVD.


SilentNight MicroBurner is very flexible with its usage, as you can use it on a wide range of external devices. This even includes portable burners with absolutely no need for any ASPI layers or drivers. And the best thing about SilentNight MicroBurner? As its name implies, it is incredibly small for a burner, sitting at only 1.56MB in size. And taking into account its small size, it is an incredibly fast burning tool, so you will not have to wait forever just to get your newly minted CD or DVD.


SilentNight MicroBurner supports all the average file formats for CD and DVD burning, including multi-session ISO and UDF bridge disks, as well as the ability to import previous UDF sessions into the current burning session. And now with the latest version of this software, there is a new and more simple user interface, as well as a CD and DVD cover maker. And most unusually, it now also includes a file splitter and joiner that lets you manipulate big files much more easily and efficiently. This is a huge boon if you are just limited to burning CDs, because you now have much more flexibility with how much data you want to put onto each disk, regardless of the size of the file.


Although you can use SilentNight MicroBurner for free, the nag screen for unregistered users becomes a little annoying after a while. But really, that’s quite a small price to pay for an excellent CD and DVD burning tool.

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