Shape Collage 2.5.3 – Shape Collage 100% Free for Windows (Xp, Vista, 7, 8 )

Shape Collage
Version: 2.5.3
Licence: Free
Author: Vincent Cheung
Size: 17.MB

Create beautiful photo collages in two clicks

With digital cameras being as popular as they are, it seems like everyone has thousands of photos these days to display. Collages are a great way to do so, but who has the time to clip and cut each individual photo to fit together?
This is where collage creation software like Shape Collage comes in. As the name implies, Shape Collage allows people to create collages digitally, so they can print the finished product instead of individual pictures that have to be clipped and connected.


The collages themselves are as customizable as the users who are making them, ranging in effects from shapes of the frame to shapes around the individual photos or other editing tools that would be expected (like an image importer for the especially creative user, and a preview function so people can sample their handiwork before printing).


The program supports the traditional drag and drop functionality, or the addition of files by selecting folders. The imports themselves don’t take much time at all, and a collage can be previewed almost as quickly as a user can create and save it.


The only complaint that can be made about Shape Collage is that it does indeed require the person to save their collage before they can preview it, almost defeating the purpose behind this functionality, however the software is otherwise effective.


Shape Collage is a set of extremely helpful collage creating tools, all under one interface and program.



  • Quick
  • Customizable collages
  • Preview feature



  • Limited preview feature functionality
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