Safari Backup 2012 3.5 – 100% Free for Windows

Safari Backup 2012
Version: 3.5
Licence: Free
Author: zebNet Ltd
Size: 4.1 MB

Now you can quickly and easily backup your Apple Safari profile with Safari Backup 2012. This is a professional-quality application that was especially created for users to have a hassle-free way to backup their profiles, which in turn makes it easier than ever to restore all of your information if something ever happens to your computer or network.

Safari Backup 2012 is a very powerful program, with many useful features that make it easy to use and very self-explanatory, even for the beginning user. So make sure your Apple Safari information is backed up and safe, try out Safari Backup 2012 today.

Some of the features of Safari Backup 2012 include:

  • Fast and reliable backup and recovery services
  • Self-restoring backup file capabilities
  • The program holds backup and reserve copies
  • You can backup your information to any FTP server
  • Backups are scheduled and executed on a very regular basis, so you are always covered
  • Data migration options between multiple computers are available
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