Ruzzle for Windows 8.1 – Come Up With Good Words – English

Ruzzle for Windows 8.1

With Ruzzle, you just have to keep making those words! Ruzzle for Windows 8.1 is a game in which you must come up with good words, and the more the better. And now with this most recent version you can play with people from all around the world!


When you begin playing Ruzzle for Windows 8.1 you will have 16 letters in a four by four grid. With these letters you have to make up as many words as humanly possible in two minutes. In order to do this, you just drag your finger over the letters you want to use, and the computer program will do the rest for you. You get points for every word you create, but also extra points if you use letters that are marked by either the double, triple, or full word symbols. If you are familiar with Scrabble scoring, it is like that. The winner is the person who gets the most points at the end of three rounds.


The online mode that was mentioned above is really a great addition, because you can play with strangers, people from your game friends, or even Facebook contacts who have also downloaded Ruzzle.


Ruzzle is a simple but fun game, and it does not need fancy graphics or intense features to be a good time. Because of this, both the graphics and the sound effects are clean and compliment the game well, but they are nothing special. So if you are looking for a quick and fun word game to try, Ruzzle for Windows 8.1 is a good one to check out. It is enjoyable, addictive, and fits any type of player.

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