ResourcesExtract – Extract Icons and Animations – Windows


Extract icons and animations stored in EXE, DLL, OCX, CPL files

Files often contain more than they appear to, from icon files to videos for autoruns, and people frequently desire to have in depth access to these individual elements. Enter ResourcesExtract, a software application capable of quickly pulling visual media from CPL, DLL, EXE, and OCX file extensions.


The program works extremely well, users need only select the destination of the extract and tick off what individual media elements they are looking for and voila, ResourcesExtract will get to work instantly pulling the desired media from the file.


The program doesn’t do much other than that, but that in and of itself is a function that not many programs provide. Additionally, on top of providing this functionality, ResourcesExtract still works relatively quickly – providing an attractive amount of speed.


All in all, ResourcesExtract is a handy tool for the extraction of media files from CPL, DLL, EXE, and OCX files, even if it could have used a few more features like preview.



  • Extracts a variety of visual and audio media types from the supported file types
  • Works quickly



  • ¬†Lacks some key features, like preview, that many users would expect
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