Red Dead Redemption for PS3 and XBOX360

Red Dead Redemption

Visit the vast open world Wild West

From the makers of Grand Theft Auto comes a new open concept game based in the wild west. Rockstar has marked its territory in the open world field, and Red Dead Redemption has only served to advance its standing.


The premise behind Red Dead Redemption is familiar: players portray John Marsden, a cowboy on a mission. Moving throughout scenery, performing everything from hunting challenges to rounding up bandits, players will get the opportunity to experience a lot of what made the Wild West so wild.


The game is enjoyable, and pays homage to several movie titles it references throughout gameplay. Completing more missions earns the player outfit rewards and money, which can be used on anything from better weaponry to a property closer to their next mission.
Red Dead Redemption provides hours of entertainment and exploration fun for any fan of open world games, truly a wonderful Rockstar creation.



  • Authentic Wild West experience
  • Hours of open world exploration, challenges, and fun to be had
  • Stunning graphics and soundtrack
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